How Link Building Can Help You In SEO In 2020

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Link building – is the term new to you? I guess not. But have you been doing link building properly? That is the question that you need to ask yourself. Practically, you won’t come across a single website that doesn’t have at least one link in it. Most of these links are outbound links where you refer to some other website in your blog post or website.

While outbound links are necessary for your website, the SEO benefit largely depends on the inbound links. Inbound links are when other websites link back to your page because you have created something that is worth linking back to. Many people think that link building doesn’t provide any result for SEO. However, you have to understand that Google has changed its algorithm. And link building strategy is not the same anymore. But the one thing that you should be sure of is that the number one factor that can help you in ranking on Google is still relevant links. If you want to reap the benefits of link building, read on to find out how you can do so.

White hat SEO

There are many SEO companies that have shifted their focus from link building simply because it didn’t work for them. These companies have concentrated on on-page SEO and content instead of link building. But as I mentioned already, Google has confirmed that links still hold as much importance as it did in the past. However, you must understand the difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO. Link building, if and when done properly, falls under white hat SEO. It is extremely important that you don’t go overboard with link building as that can possess risk for your website.

What is link building?

Suppose you have written an article on how to create content for a business social media page. The content that you created has enough information. You have linked other valid pages as well to support the article. Now, someone finds your article to be really helpful and worth linking to. The person links your blog page on his blog page. Similarly, you may approach e-magazines to link back to your page if they find the content to be beneficial. These links that you get from other websites are inbound links and this is how you build links for your website.

Now, there are websites that offer you inbound links for a particular amount. But trust me when I say that those websites are not even worth. There was a time when Google used to think these links as valid ones. But now when Google’s algorithm is so updated, it is impossible to get away with these low-quality links. These links don’t offer you any SEO benefits. On the contrary, if Google finds out that you are purchasing inbound links, your website can be penalized. I’m sure that you don’t want to be in that place. So, roll up your sleeves and let’s get into some serious work.

How to get started with link building?

Since you are reading this blog, I believe that you are new in the field of link building. Whether you are a novice or you want to take a different approach for link building, the steps below will help you in getting inbound links. Without further ado, let us get started.

Start blogging:

I am assuming that you own a business and you have a website that is related to your niche. All that you need to do now is to start blogging on your website. The blog posts should be related to your business niche. Neither can one blog post fetch you quality backlinks nor is it suggested for any website. No matter what blog posts you are writing on, make sure to keep the page live. Post content regularly on your blog page. Follow a weekly routine of posting content to make things easier for you and for your readers.

You can also use your business social media pages to promote the blog posts. The content that you create should be well-researched. It should also be relevant and superior in quality. Blogging on a regular basis will ensure that more people visit your website for fresh content. This will also ensure that people in your niche link to your website or in particular – your blog posts. And this is one of the most effective ways of getting quality backlinks.

Take help from others:

You have started creating blog posts and are posting them regularly on your website. But because you are new into this field, people may take time to recognize your website as a valid source to link. To make things easier, you can ask for help from people that you think are trustworthy to provide you with quality link. So, you can ask your clients, friends, relatives or others who can link back to your website. Make sure that the person linking back to your website has a website that is associated with your niche.

So, suppose you have a graphic design company and you have clients for whom you have designed flyers, brochures etc. Now, when that client is speaking about the importance of business brochures on his website, he can link it back to your blog post on similar topic.

Write a testimonial:

No matter what business you own, often you will see yourself getting involved with other businesses. Many of the business owners would ask you to give a testimonial that can speak for the customer satisfaction that they offer. But using the testimonial section of other websites can be a great way to get some backlinks on your website. The person asking for your testimony should not have a problem unless you are a competitor (a competitor won’t ask you to write a testimony in the first place).

So, next time when you are the client and someone else is asking for your testimony, tell them that you would like to include one link to your website in the testimony. Generally, if you send someone a request email asking them to allow you to publish your link on their website, people ignore it. But if you are going to write a testimonial and you want to include a link in that, people are more open towards this approach. This also provides you with valid and high-quality links.

Be active to build relationship:

If you want to do link building sustainably, you should get started with building relationship. By building relationship I mean that you have to be active on the net and make your company noticeable. So, spend more time in looking for forums or social media pages or blogs that talk in your niche. Once you have a decent number of pages and websites to follow, take part in discussions. Make useful and relatable comments. The more you are active on these platforms, the more people will recognize you.

Once you are able to establish your identity, you can ask for backlinks from these places. You can ask someone from the forum to provide you with backlinks. Or you can post a comment on a blog with permission to post a relevant link to a blog that you have written.

Start guest posting:

One of the most effective ways of link building is through guest posting. Are you aware with guest posting or have you ever done it in the past? You may have stopped trying because it didn’t show any result, right? Let me tell you that even though guest posting is one of the most effective and safest ways of link building, you have to be patient (I mean really patient!) with it. So what is the big deal?

There are many good quality websites that allow you to publish your content on their website with a backlink to your own website. Most of these websites have a Domain Authority (DA) of more than 50. So, you can consider these websites to be excellent websites. And if your content gets published on these websites, you get more exposure than you can imagine.

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However, there are some things that you need to remember. The first thing is that the content you create should be very well-researched. Use information that you can support through published facts. If you are giving your own opinion, make sure to not say anything that can be controversial. The topic that you choose should be related to the niche that the website is based on. Also, make sure that the writing is engaging and professional. Do not, I repeat DO NOT write about your company to promote it in the article. The only thing that you need is a backlink to your own website. So, make sure that you already have an article that is related to the topic that you choose to write on for guest posting.

I agree that it is not as easy as it seems. Hence, I recommend you to hire company such as Nico Digital that has experienced content creators. The content creators do extensive research on your niche and find out the websites that publish content on that niche. Next, they look for topics that are not discussed by other companies. The fresher the content, the better the chance of getting it published. It needs thorough study on the chosen topic to come up with a high quality article. When it gets published, you end up getting a quality backlink to your website.

Make use of directory submission:

There was a time when there were thousands of web directories. These directories are places where you can link your website. However, many of those directories are now invalid as Google restricted those from ranking in the search engine result pages. You don’t want to list your website in any of these directories, right?

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There are many directories that not only allow you to post your website link but also provide additional info. Directory submissions can provide you with more benefit than just SEO. You have to find out directories that are related to your niche and are valid and post your website link in those. If you are able to list your website in some of these directories, you are more likely to show up in search engine result pages.

Find out the competitor’s backlinks:

As they say, keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Same theory goes with competitors. If you need high quality backlinks, knowing the pages your competitors are linking to can help you. How? Let me explain. Suppose you find out that your competitor has bagged a couple of backlinks from a few websites that have the highest DA.

Text Box: Find out the competitor’s backlinks
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However, you also find out that the articles that helped the company to get the backlinks are old. You have related articles that are up to the date and are written after extensive researching. Hence, you can approach to those high DA websites to consider providing a backlink to your article instead of your competitor’s one. If the article is really well-written, the high DA website is more likely to consider your request and provide you with a quality backlink.

Broken backlinks need recovery:

You must know that broken links are not good for SEO. If you have broken links on your website, those need your immediate attention. Similarly, if someone linked to your website and that link is broken, it won’t provide you with any SEO benefit. A ‘404-not found’ error message will show up if anyone clicks on that link.

So, your aim is to find out the broken backlinks and recover those. Check out the pages that have mentioned you in the past and check whether the links are valid. If you have made any changes in your website, the links might not work properly. Hence, it is extremely important that you retrieve those links.

We are here to help:

Link building – whether it is new for you or not, it is a proven method to gain organic traffic and better SEO. From writing testimonials to blogging to mending broken backlinks to looking into competitors’ backlinks – there are different ways that you can start link building. Apart from the methods mentioned in the article, you can also make use of the broken links in Wikipedia. You can check out the strongest links that your competitors are getting backlinks from. It is not only necessary that the links are from a quality website in your niche but it is also important that the links are safe to click.

I can totally understand your concern regarding link building. Especially, if you are new in this field, you might even feel intimidated by the process. Even though the process is not difficult, expertise in the subject definitely helps you. And if you are not confident to pull it off, Nico Digital is always there to help you out. Contact us to know more about how you can benefit from collaborating with us.

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