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Most of us start our journey by getting admission in an academic institution. Academic institutions are responsible for our holistic development. From the teachers to the students to the parents, everyone is connected to make sure that the institution’s growth remains intact. However, no matter how great your academic institution is, you need to make sure to brand the institution properly. Hence, you have to brand your institution in such a way that it inspires people to be a part of it.

The logo, the brand color, the website etc. are part of branding. But bran ding doesn’t end with these. There is many a thing that you need keep in mind while branding your institutions. Parents don’t choose an academic institution for their children based on the facts. They choose an institution that they feel connected to.

Factors to connect people with your brand:

There are many different types of factors that you can try out to connect people with your brand. You can also prove your excellence through these factors. Let us check out.

Be different and own it:

Like any other sector, you will face stiff competition even when it comes to academic institutions. However, while every other institution is showing the same thing, you can focus on what makes you different from those institutions. You can focus on what differentiates you from the others and defines what your institution is.

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So, if you have an institution that takes a different approach towards studying, you can show that. Similarly, if you are doing something new through your academic institution, you can include that as well in your branding. There are some schools that support environmental causes and work towards building a better earth. If you are doing the same, you can promote that as well.

Choosing the right colors:

It is extremely important to choose the right color for the branding of your academic institution. The tone of your institution should reflect through the color or colors that you choose. If you want own a business management institution, choosing a fun color such as orange will not serve your purpose. On the contrary, you may choose blue or grey or other corporate colors that will compliment your brand.

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Now, suppose you have an institution for children below the age of 12 years. You can definitely make your brand look as colorful as you want without ruining the aesthetics. In case you are not sure which color schemes to choose to reflect the tone of your brand correctly, we suggest taking professional help. You can work with graphic designing companies such as Digital Polo that has experienced designers working with it. Designers can help you in creating a brand image that people connect with.

Maintain consistency:

If choosing the right colors is important for your branding, maintaining consistency is equally important for you. What do you understand by maintaining consistency? Every brand has a logo and so does yours. Similarly, you must also have your own website for the academic institution.

Now, you have to make sure that the logo, the colors in your website, the font used in your website and your logo, etc. remain the same no matter what media you are using. You will need to use both print and digital media to connect with people. If you can’t keep your brand consistent throughout these mediums, people will get confused. And you definitely want to avoid that.

Create a place for all:

Suppose you own an academic institution that offers different types of courses for people from different academic background. So, you can demonstration the extensiveness of your academic institution. Create a website which gives a welcoming feel to all who land on your website. You can mention the different courses that you offer for students from different parts of the world. Your website is one of the most powerful tools for marketing your brand. So, pay attention to minute details.

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If you need to create an attractive yet simple logo to attract people, go ahead for that. Similarly, you can show people from different race, region, gender etc. in your website to make the point that you welcome people from across the world. In simple words, when someone sees your website, the person should be able to connect with your brand instantly.

Show the vision and mission of your institution:

What can be better than aligning the mission and vision of your institution with your brand design? How, you may ask. Let’s take an example. Suppose you own an institution that is dedicated for people who are differently able. It is even better if your institution is unique in your locality. You can grab the essence and implement that in your branding.

Create a website that says why you are special and how you want to remain in the same place. You can also include the images of some students and teachers if possible. Apart from your website, you can make use of other branding materials such as your logo design, the print media that you use etc. People should be able to understand who you are, what your brand is about by seeing your branding ventures.

Exhibit the programs:

Different types of institutions offer different types of programs. Suppose you offer programs that are not really offered by any other institution in your area. On the other hand, it is possible that your academic institution has many programs running under the same roof. So, this point can be something that you emphasize on while branding your institution.

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You can create a website where people can see the different programs that you offer right on the home page. Or else, you can have brochure printed with all the necessary information that will help people decide why they should choose your institution over others. As you can see from the example above, Harvard Business School is different from Harvard University. Hence, the website designs for both the institutions are totally different. While the website of Harvard Business School shows the programs it has, Harvard University takes a different approach for its branding.

Have your brand story shared

Do you remember life before the arrival of social media? Even if you can, I am sure you will agree that marketing has never been this extensive before the advent of social media. Nowadays, you can’t even think of marketing without the inclusion of social media. So, how can you use social media platforms in favor of your branding purpose? Here’s how:

Every brand has a story that is worth sharing. But you can’t share the story on your official website nor can you print the story on the brochure. Here come your business social media pages. Even though you create the social media pages to announce anything related to your business, social media is after all not a very serious place. So, this is ideal place to share your brand story. You can create social media posts to tell people about the mission and vision of your academic institution. You can also spread awareness through the social media posts that go on your business social media pages.

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You can also engage your followers by asking them to take part in a competition that you arrange. Using hashtags is one of the most followed marketing methods. So, you can ask your followers to upload photos or writings or anything else with the hashtag of your academic institution’s name. You can even arrange for a competition saying that the winner’s post will be featured on the official page of your academic institution. This is a great way to not only engage your followers but also to make your institution’s name trending.

Apply different methods of branding:

Since we are talking about social media, let us focus on how else it can help you. Let’s assume that you have an account on each Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. While we have suggested you to share stories on your social media pages, we also suggest following a pattern. Posts those are suitable for your target audience in Facebook might not be suitable for your Instagram page. Similarly, your social media post for LinkedIn should be much more professional since the target audience on this platform is different from others.

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As you can see, the same university takes two different approaches when sharing photos and stories on two different social media platforms. Similarly, instead of following the same pattern, use different techniques of branding. Engage your target audience with the help of video content. If you are posting on Twitter, make sure to post at least 10 times a day. Yes, 10 times every day. However, the posts should be different from each other. A large number of people use Twitter every day at different times from different parts of the world. So, posting multiple times a day will ensure that your post is being seen by different people depending on when they are logging in.

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The same theory will not work for Facebook though. When it comes to Facebook, you can get away with posting at least once daily. If you want to run campaigns, there are paid campaigns on Facebook that will help you in getting the attention of your target audience. Apart from posting different types of content on different social media platforms, you can also come up with newsletters.

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People who visit your website should have an option to subscribe to your newsletters. You don’t have to send weekly newsletters. You can get away with sending bimonthly or fortnightly newsletters. If your academic association has an alumni association, you can send weekly updates on behalf of the association as well.


There are different ways that you can incorporate in your marketing endeavor for your academic institution. While one may provide better result than the other, we suggest trying out different methods. The different approaches you take, the more exposure your academic institution gets. If you are not confident enough to try out the different tactics, you can ask for professional help.

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