Managed SEO Services

An advanced and managed SEO service

What to expect from Team Rabbit’s SEO Packages?

Our aim is to provide you with an advanced SEO service which gets you targeted traffic on your website. 100% of your payment goes into building a customized backlink generation campaign.

We’ve been doing SEO for over 10 years now and have internal data to support what works and what doesn’t. Our expertise reflects on what we do and have already managed hundreds of campaigns. Team Rabbit’s SEO Packages are culmination of what we have learned throughout the years – with our proficiency, data and our experience.

We are offering an integrated SEO solution that is a combination of strategy, skill and experience. You get professional assistance, a dedicated account manager, along with a team that does white hat link building and creates high-quality content.

A customised SEO strategy

Team Rabbit’s Search Engine Optimisation aims at driving traffic to your website and improving your rankings organically with the help of an advanced SEO strategy.

We improve your current ranking by identifying the factors that are responsible for your current ranking in positions 4 to 30.

Next step is to push those factors with the help of white hat link building process. This will ensure that you see an increase in traffic.

We use innovative competitive research methods, which is GAP/SWOT analysis method to evaluate the differences in your website’s performance vs. your competitors.

The analysis helps us to identify exactly what your business website is missing.

Primarily what we target is low competition keywords that have high search volume and are valuable for your website.

Once we have the detailed information, we curate well-researched, high-quality content with the help of our experienced content team.

The targeted keywords used in the content are the ones that are buyer oriented yet low in competition.

Both the techniques used together give us the result that we want to achieve, which is a boost in the traffic in your website.

Detailed List of Features:

Here’s a list of what you get when you buy one of our Search Optimisation packages.

Dedicated account manager – We have a division that ensures your campaign is managed properly. We have experienced professionals working under the same roof so that you get the best service possible.

Rank Tracker – When we take care of your ranking, you can actually track your ranking with us. We provide you with rank tracker using which you can check out the updated keyword list and the progress of your campaign. This is updated on a weekly basis.

Plans for different budgets – We have had clients who had come to us and started with a smaller plan, and then upgraded when they saw improvements. You can upgrade / downgrade your plans whenever you want.

No contracts or Long term commitments – We don’t tie you into an annual retainer or a long-term contract. You can join, discontinue and re-join our platform whenever you want. However, for SEO success consistency is the key. The longer you stick to your SEO campaigns – the better it is for your business objectives.

Team Rabbit’s SEO Process

Step one – Get started:

This is the time when you must inform us about your website, business type, product or service and your competitors. If you don’t have these details, we are there to take care of it.

Step two – Designing the campaign:

We will start with inspecting your website as well as your competitors’ websites. Once we have all the data, we will decide which strategy to choose for your website. We will use the GAP ANALYSIS method to analyse the gaps in your strategy and use low competition keywords to target those gaps.

Step three – On-boarding call:

When our research is completed, the campaign manager who is managing your campaign will call you. You will be asked a few questions to review the campaign that we have designed. Once the campaign is finalized, we start working on the same.

Step four – Production of the campaign:

It takes us around one month or 30 working days to complete the campaign once you give your approval. If you don’t want to indulge in the approval process and you trust us, we can automatically approve the order after ten days of submission.

Step five – Tracking the results:

It takes time to see the results of white hat SEO technique. However, we know that waiting patiently is not something all of us can do. And that is the reason why we provide you with the access of the rank tracking link. You can check out the current ranking of the keywords 24×7 and can also measure the progress.

Step six – Reports and follow up:

Every month we will submit a report of all the things that we have done in the month. We believe in 100% transparency. You can review whether you are progressing or not and you can book a call with the campaign manager for better understanding as well.

100% Guaranteed satisfaction:

Why do we claim 100% guaranteed satisfaction? First, we take pride on the expertise and professionalism that we have gained throughout the years. Second, we want you to feel assured when you book an SEO service with Team Rabbit. If you are not satisfied with the service that you receive, you can seek support from us. You can inform us within 25 days of receiving the reports. We will book an appointment with you to make the things right, together.

Our Packages


  • Customised SEO strategy for your brand.
  • Low competition, laser targeted, keyword analysis and research for your company. This process is aided by our GAP/SWOT analysis techniques.
  • 2 high quality, optimised content post for your blog, helping in securing relevant white-hat backlinks.
  • Access to your personal ‘Rank-Tracker’ to track the progress of your SEO campaign.
  • Link Builders and SEO professionals working on up to 5 keywords for your website.
This is appropriate for small companies, just starting out. Also, some industries which competition is low / non-existent can do well with this plan.
$500/ Monthly


  • Everything in the Partner Plan +
  • Customised SEO and overall digital domination strategy for your brand.
  • Aggressive (>10) high quality, optimised content post for your blog, helping in securing relevant white-hat backlinks.
  • Link Builders and SEO professionals working aggressively on 50+ keywords for your website
  • Reputation management included.
This is appropriate for ecommerce, SAAS, other companies whose business depends on their online presence. This package is also recommended for highly competitive industries.
$2500/ Monthly

Frequently Asked Questions

You can tell us about your business objectives, your customers, your competitors. However, in case you don’t have this information, our research team will do their due diligence and analysis to understand the competitive landscape in which your company operates.
We offer SEO services under different packages and you can choose one, depending on your requirements. 100% of what you pay for a package is used for your campaign. We use a combination of Guest Posting, Link Building and creating optimized blogs to reach your goals with SEO.
You don’t need to pay any management fee. 100% of what you pay goes into creating your campaign.
We can customize the campaign depending on your requirements. However, we do recommend blog posting since blogging and link building works hand in hand. Google algorithms change regularly. The best way to establish your authority in any field is to prove that you have knowledge on that topic. Blogging is one of the proven methods to say that you have topical depth.
No, we don’t have any contract. We believe that we can gain your trust through our hard work and expertise in the field of SEO. However, we suggest everyone to stick with us for at least three months as SEO takes time to show results. You can upgrade or cancel your package at any time.
Optimising your website for search engines is like going to the gym. There are certain ‘exercises’, processes, and techniques which almost guarantee results. Like optimising your content strategy, creating relevant (non-paid) and contextual backlinks. However, like the results of your gym workout – getting results with SEO depends on a LOT of external factors, which we cannot control. Some of these factors are:
  • Negative reviews about your products from customers – this can pull down your rankings.
  • A bad social media strategy – today, your social presence has a huge impact on SEO
  • A change in Google’s algorithms – If Google changes their algorithm overnight, we’ll have to adapt, but it takes time.
  • Your competition getting fierce – If your competitor invests 10x more than yourself in SEO, then it’ll impact your own campaigns.
So, as you see there are a lot of reasons, why you might not get the results you were expecting. We as your SEO vendor, would do our best to inform / consult / and hand-hold you throughout this journey. All we need is your prompt co-operation, and sooner or later you’ll get there. Remember, in the internet marketing game – ‘No one fails, some people quit too early’.
We don’t usually do discounts or promotions on monthly plans. If you make an annual prepayment, you might be eligible for a discount.