Irrespective of the kind of industry, marketing lies right at the epicenter of all promotional ambitions.

And at the epicenter of all marketing ambitions lies design. Whether it’s simple marketing materials for your in-house needs, or any major illustration or web specific element, we have got you covered.

At Nico Digital, we realize that there is nothing called the perfect design. There is always room for improvement and that is what we strive for. We provide unlimited design work, which means we entertain unlimited re-dos and revisions until our client feels it’s perfect. All of this for a small, fixed, monthly fee.

We like our designs to do the talking and would encourage you to give us a shot. Our principal design expertise lies with the following services.

Graphic Design

As said earlier, we do everything such as – covers, brochures, wall-stickers, outdoor hoardings, flyers, banners, ads, labels, PPT presentations, infographics, amidst everything else. Our objective lies in delivering utmost value to our clients through the creatives that we produce.

Web and Application Design

From small landing pages to complex, custom websites, and simple UX/UI to the most technical mobile app designs, we house web designers of the highest caliber. No matter what you see on the web, if you like it and would want to get it implemented, let us know. We would love to make you happy.

Illustration Design

We do realize that good illustration is a tough art to learn and perfect. However, our team of some of the greatest illustrators around helps us claim that we are probably the best in the business. Our illustrations services pertain to the following segments – product, sports, fashion, custom, scientific, medical, book, storyboard, pop-art, portrait, character, and comic.

Logo Design

One of the biggest endeavors of all brands and businesses lies in developing a firm brand identity. The doorway to that is the creation of a sound company logo. Ask and you will know that we are renowned to create some of the best logos you can ask for. Whether it’s emblems, 2D logos, 3D logos, or animated logos, we do them all.
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