Website Maintenance – How Can It Affect Your Business?

Most of the business owners think that building a website for their business is all they need to do. However, maintaining your website is equally important as building a new one. Maintaining your website regularly ensures that you provide better user experience and it keeps your website fresh and updated. A website that is not updated regularly often suffers from losing customers and sales. We’re sure that you don’t want the same to happen to your website as well, right? Are you still confused about why you need to maintain your website? Let us help you understand how website maintenance can affect your business.

Updating codes:

A website, be it free or custom made, functions because of the coding. The codes are the backbone of any website. These codes need to be updated regularly. Suppose you have a WordPress website. You may think that you don’t need to update the WordPress version once you have built your own website. However, the truth is that you need to update the website by opting for WordPress version update. Similarly, you have to get rid of broken links that lead to unrelated pages. These links can be really harmful for your website. Updating the codes will also make sure that your customers get seamless experience every time they visit your website.

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If you think that your website is completed once you create it, we are sorry to tell you that it’s not true. There’s always some room for improvement. Besides, updating your website is one of the most necessary steps that you can’t avoid. It keeps your website work fast. As you know, people don’t like websites that take too long to load. A website that is outdated will often take long to load. On the contrary, updating website codes will make your website work faster and attract more people. If you want to make sure that your customers don’t feel that your website is outdated, you need to update the codes, software and other technical details.

Content update:

Another effective way to keep your website maintained properly is to update the content regularly. Imagine visiting an ecommerce website that doesn’t have many options to choose from. The website doesn’t even update the options. Will you continue visiting the website? No, right? The same goes with your website as well. No matter how well your website looks, it needs to be updated to attract your customers. You may have started your website with enough content on it. But it is never enough, to be frank.

The content that you start your journey with will get consumed by people. What after that? How will you make sure that people don’t get bored and stop visiting your website? The simple answer is by updating the content on your website. Having a blog page will help you in the process of updating content as you will keep posting new articles on your website.

Apart from the blog page, you can update your website by posting videos or slides etc. You can also update the content on other pages of your website to not only update the website but also keep the content relevant. Suppose your About Us page has been written a year or two ago keeping the timeline in mind. It will become old after two years. Updating the content on the page will refresh your website instantly.

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You might have a website that was created two or three years back. Minimalist website design was not trendy at that time. But now, as you know, everyone is looking for simplistic website design. So, revamping the design of your website is also part of maintaining your website. We are not asking you to change the entire website. But we are asking you to make small changes so that the website becomes updated without losing its branding.

Backing up your website:

Taking backup of your website is one of the main parts of maintaining your website. You already know the time, effort and money that have been invested to build the website. You don’t want to lose what you have built. So, taking backup of your website is a must for any website. You can either do it manually or you can take professional help from companies that help you maintain your website.

We all know how vulnerable our websites are towards malware attack or viruses. Sometimes even a mistake from our own end can compromise with the website that we have built. So, it is better to keep back-up of what we have. Now, when we say backup, you might think that you can simply clone the website that you have built in the initial stage. But what about the content that you have updated later? Or the changes that you have made after taking the backup? As you can understand, taking backup is not a single-time process, but it is a continuous process.

As we mentioned and you probably know that any website is built on set of codes. Codes can be hacked by hackers. So, apart from backing up your website, you also need to protect it from potential threats. Installing software update or updating the regular safety patches can also save your website from being compromised. If you own a simple website, taking backup once a month should be enough for you. In case you own an ecommerce website that is quite complex, you need to take backup more frequently. We suggest taking professional help as that not only ensures that backup is taken properly but also frequently.

Search engine optimized:

Now it is not an unknown fact that Google likes websites that are fast, updated, safe and maintained properly. Maintaining your website will remove the cache, which will reduce the loading time. Besides, updating content regularly sends Google a message that your website is active and updated. This is also another factor that helps in SEO. It is also important to remember that Google crawlers find it easier to crawl through a website if it is maintained.

You will get traffic from search engine only if your website is optimized. Optimizing your website is not just one thing. Maintaining your website through regular update of the content or getting rid of malware or even taking backup of the website are all parts of optimizing your website. The more optimized your website is, the better ranking it will have in the search engine results page.

Are you maintaining your website?

Maintaining a website is a continuous process. There is not one particular thing that you can follow to make sure that your website is being maintained properly. From updating your content to updating the information, removing broken link, changing the design of your website, testing the website, and a lot more goes into maintaining your website. As it is a constant process, you better hire a company that has dedicated team for maintaining website.

Nico Digital is such a company that has been taking care of its clients’ websites. From maintaining the website to optimizing the website and its content, the company has been handling all since the last ten years. Contact us to know more about how we can be at your help.

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